Worthing Herald Poll

The Worthing Herald conducted a readers poll last October, and when asked the question
‘Would you like to see a 20mph limit in most residential streets in Worthing?

83% said a big NO to the 20mph scheme in Worthing

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Here are some of the readers’ comments published in a later edition of the Herald:

 20pSpeech marks“The people of Worthing have rejected the 20’s Plenty scheme by a massive majority in what has been the fairest an most open vote on the subject, yet Duncan Kay doesn’t accept the verdict and wants to have a ‘proper’ vote.  What exactly is a ‘proper vote’? Is it one of those that is held at some obscure council meeting that only his whipped up supporters will attend because the majority (who are clearly against this scheme) will not be aware of it taking place and have busy lives to lead?”

~ Steve Woods, Worthing ~ 

 20pSpeech marks“20’s Plenty campaign leader Duncan Kay’s arrogance seems to have no limits. Despite an 83% rejection he declares it really doesn’t bother me, we are going to have a proper vote on it anyway.  Mr Kay, do the readers of the Herald (Worthing residents) not count?  He then goes on to say that there was no safeguarding process for multiple voting and like so many of the 20’s plenty claims this makes no sense.  Don’t you see, Mr Kay, that you had just as many opportunities to vote ‘yes’ and yet your enthusiastic bunch of followers chose not to – or, even worse (for you) – chose to vote multiple times and still lost the vote by an overwhelming majority.  To Mr Kay and all of his supporters, I wold say please accept that the people of Worthing have spoken through the Herald and they have rejected wasting money on a completely unproven scheme.  Now, let’s move on to looking at any accident blackspots and see if they can be improved”

~ D Price, Worthing ~

20pSpeech marks “Shock, Horror: The Herald poll overwhelmingly rejected the 20mph proposal.  Inevitable, 20’s plenty’s Duncan Kay was wheeled out.  His comments would have been of interest had he not known the results.  What he said was sour grapes.  However: Mr Kay, you need not worry, Worthing will become a 20mph zone as some councillors are superglued to the misguided notion no matter what evidence or public opinion is expressed.  They specifically ruled out a referendum as it wold result in a rejection of the scheme as the Herald poll shows.  A consultation process was agreed.  This can be steered to ensure that the ‘right conclusion is reached.  Additionally political correctness and the hubris of these councillors will defy this Herald poll of Worthing resident’s wishes.  The poll report was yet another opportunity for Mr Kay to promote his minority cause and lacked balance. Although Worthing impressively rejects the 20mph limit, the reporter could not find an authoritative champion to challenge Mr Kay and his unsound claims”

~ Lloyd Cole, Worthing ~

20pSpeech marks “So now we have it, 83% of Herald readers are opposed to 20’s plenty on Worthing’s roads. But my bet is that the 17% will still be trying to convince us that they are right. The bare facts are that the vast majority of responsible drivers in this town have nightmares of driving in second and third gear, clogging up roads, and increasing pollution. 20 is clearly not wanted – I hope the powers that be have listened”

~ Stan Mayle, Goring ~

 20pSpeech marks“Duncan Kay said that he was surprised that 83% of people were against 20’s plenty. I have just read that in York the council did a ‘consultation’ on it of 13,000 residents.  Only 97 responded.  Only 7 were in favour; 87 opposed it and 3 were undecided.  However, the council decided to implement it as there was ‘no significant opinion against the idea of 20mph’. How is that for democracy? My guess is that most people didn’t vote as they knew the council would go ahead anyway.  Worthing County Local Committee agreed to the £50,000 public consultation. At the meeting, councillor Steve Waight said that ‘to have a consultation and not abide by the results would be absolutely absurd. It would do nothing for local politics if we don’t’. He is obviously a man of principle.  However, the experience in York shows that it is vital that all of those opposed to the scheme should vote. We don’t want the Worthing County Local Committee claiming that there is no significant opinion against it here.

~ Chris Gould, Worthing ~