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Internet responses for Worthing 20mph consultation thrown out (Worthing Herald, March 2014

A bus operator has had a poster put on one of his buses to show his objections to contentious plans for 20mph speed limits.(Worthing Herald, February 2014)

The Alliance of British Drivers are starting their national campaign against 20mph, as well as securing a fairer deal for the motorist. Please support them.

A county council officer has admitted a consultation on a 20mph scheme for Worthing which would invite online responses could be ‘open to abuse’ (Worthing Herald, January 2014)

Cycle and pedestrian crashes on the rise in new Brighton and Hove 20mph zone. The number of crashes involve pedestrians and cyclists on city centre roads has gone up since 20mph restriction were introduced. Figures obtained by The Argus also show the number of serious accidents in 2013 is also higher than two out of the three previous years. (The Argus 17th December 2013)

20mph limits in firing line after rise in accidents. The goverment’s Department for Transport has released data on the number of people killed or seriously hurt which shows a 57 per cent increase last year from 2010. It reveals the city had the second largest rise of ay in the UK – behind only St Helens which showed a jump of 62 per cent. (The News 6th July 2012)

Readers would put the brakes on 20mph plan for Worthing.  Herald poll showed 83% of readers were against having 20mph speed limits in Worthing.  (Worthing Herald 11th October 2013)

Casualties soaring in 20mph zones.  Controversial 20mph speed limits designed to cut road casualties are not working, official figures show.  Deaths and injuries in 20mph zones are UP a quarter in a year — while on 30mph roads they are DOWN. (The Sun 11th August 2012)

20mph all over Worthing. Who wants it? I am getting seriously concerned about the costs of the proposed 20’s Plenty scheme. We really are talking a lot of money – not just the advertised costs, it’s the hidden costs which make you gulp (Michael Cloake 23rd October 2013)

Is Twenty Plenty? How a misguided safety policy is increasing pollution and slowing our towns to a crawl

Getting the Hump. How “traffic calming” is making our roads more dangerous, not less

Penning ignores experts so 20 zone death & injury soars. Ex traffic cops & expert drivers warned Roads Minister in April 2011 and 20 zones are counter productive and would cause an increase in road accidents in built up areas. He ignored the advice an casualties are up by 24% in these areas (Drivers Union 17th August 2012)

Does a 1mph reduction in speed really reduce accidents by 5%? This arguemnts is so full of holes it is hard to know where to begin attacking it (Alliance of British Drivers)

Cutting the speed limit from 30mph to 20mph on the wrong roads can increase CO2 emissions by more than 10% with the result that well-intentioned safety schemes may backfire in environmental terms (The AA)

20 mph zones ‘have little impact’ on serious injuries. Britain’s first urban 20mph zone in Portsmouth has had no impact in reducing the number of people seriously injured, a Department for Transport study has found   (The Telegraph 2nd October 2009)

UK roads (and specifically England) are amongst the safest in Europe.

Any evidence for 20mph limits? It can be dangerous to question those who believe that a 20mph limit on residential streets is the way forward, but recent comments from the RAC motoring organisation cannot be ignored.  (Duncan Barkes).

Support for blanket 20mph speed limits isn’t as universal as campaigners claim. The proponents of blanket 20mph speed limits are trying to create the impression that the evidence is overwhelmingly in their favour and the momentum for a reduction in the urban speed limit is unstoppable. This must not be allowed to go unchallenged. (Maycolm Heymer)

Unchain the Brighton motorist. A diverse group of businesses and traders all concerned about the long term impact of the City Council’s transport policy

Unions slam 20mph speed zones for Brighton and Hove. Two unions are telling a council to reverse its controversial transport policy. GMB and Unite have pledged their support for the lobby group Unchain the Brighton Motorist. The group is organising opposition to Brighton and Hove City Council’s 20mph speed zones and high parking charges. The national executive leadership of both unions has endorsed the move. (The Argus 24th September 2013)

Is the jury still out o 20mph zones? The 24 per cent rise in all casualties on 20 mph roads is noticeable different from the change in all other road types, most of which saw a slight fall in casualty numbers. This is actually consistent with a trend going back to at least 2007

Kirklees council REJECT 20mph proposal. Kirklees Cabinet yesterday agreed that a borough-wide approach to 20mph zones or speed limits would not work.

Institute of Advanced Motorists: Casualties increase in 20mph zones

Why 20mph zones are a waste of time. Rolling out more 20mph zones in town centres is missing the point when it comes to road safety, says Erin Baker

Most motorists don’t want 20mph zones

Worthing 20mph consultation report

69.4% of Worthing votes ‘no’ to 20mph limits (Worthing Herald 13/11/14)

Councillors dismiss Worthing 20mph proposals after public votes ‘no’ (Worthing Herald 20/11/14) including video footage