Road Safety

UK roads (and England specifically), are amongst the safest in Europe. Click here for Department for Transport statistics.

The Worthing roads proposed to be covered by this scheme are a reflection of this.  The number of serious accidents is very small given the enormous number of road journeys undertaken every year. 

Between 2008 and 2012 (inclusive) there were no fatalities and only 34 serious injuries, as detailed below. 

As you will see very few, if any, would have been prevented or made less serious by a lower speed limit.  

Within this list you will see that the cause of many of these accidents are drivers failing to give way, not paying attention at junctions, inappropriate overtaking and in some cases reversing priorities which can cause confusion to other road users. 

There are also examples of other thoughtless, and in some cases downright stupid behaviour, which no posted speed limit could prevent.  Examples such as a car being used as a weapon; car doors being opened into the path of cyclists; a drunk passenger getting his thumb caught in a taxi door and a man reversing into his wife, show the wide variety of circumstances which can occur.

High speed is not a factor at all in these accidents: but at very slow speed a lack of observation and a lack of care. 

Perhaps the drivers in many of these incidents felt a false sense of safety because they were travelling so slowly. Slow must be safe—right?

Summary of all serious accidents (KSI’s) for the 5 year period 2008-2012

Location of accident


Canterbury Road Worthing At Junction M  Of U Friar Walk

Female Cyclist Believed to Be Travelling West on Canterbury Road when Struck by Vehicle Believed Van. Female Suffered Serious Head and Spinal Injuries 2 Broken Legs and Broken Arm. Vehicle Failed to Stop.

Montague Street Worthing At Junction M  Of U Gratwicke Road

Vehicle 2 (motorcycle) Travelling East Montague Street Vehicle 1 (van) Travelling South Gratwicke Road. Vehicle 1 Emerged from Gratwicke Road into Montague Street into the Path of Vehicle 2 Against Giveway Lines

A259 Mill Road Worthing At Junction M  Of U Downview Road

Vehicle 2 (car)was Driving East in Mill Road at the Junction of Downview Road (Which Runs North to South across Mill Road) Vehicle 2 Stopped to Allow Vehicle 1(taxi) to Pull out of the Northern End of Downview Road into Mill Road. as Vehicle 3 (moped) Pulled out Vehicle 3 was Overtaking Vehicle 2 and Hit Vehicle 1.

Reigate Road Worthing At Junction M  Of U Rugby Road

Vehicle One (car) Travelling West Along Rugby Road Failed to Give Way at Junction with Reigate Road and Collided with Vehicle Two(taxi).

Liverpool Road Worthing 100M West Of U Chapel Road

Veh 1(car) was Being Driven North Along Liverpool Road when it was Used as a Weapon and Driven at a Pedestrian.

Shelley Rd Worthing At Junction M  Of U Crescent Rd

it Would Appear That Vehicle One (car)was Waiting at the Junction of Shelley Rd with Crescent Road when for a Reason Unknown the Driver Moved off into the Path of Vehicle Two (car) Who Had Priority Travelling North. a Collision then Occurred which in Turn Made Vehicle Two Lose Control and Leave the Carriageway to the North Colliding with a Group of Pedestrians on the Pavement.

Tower Road Worthing  40M East Of U Upper High Street

Pedestrian at Side of Road Having Parked her Car and Started to Walk Away Still in Road Hit by the Nearside Door Mirror of Vehicle One (car) as it Drove Past. Pedestrian on South Side of the Road Vehicle 1 on South Side Travelling West.

Stoke Abbott Road Worthing  50M West of A259 Chapel Road

Vehicle One (car)Travelling East Vehicle Two Travelling West. Vehicle One Turned right into Side Road and Vehicle Two (moped)Collided with Nearside of Vehicle One.

Sheridan Road Worthing  128M East Of U Beaumont Road

Veh 2 Cyclist Overtaking Parked Vehicle when Driver Opened Car Door and Cyclist Went into Door

Woodmancote Road Worthing 58M East Of U Nutbourne Road Outside 37 Woodmancote Road

Vehicle 1 is a Taxi which Had Picked up 4 Passengers. Vehicle 1 Dropped to Drop off One Passenger Westbound on Woodmancote Road. Passenger then Exited the Vehicle from the Rear Passenger Seat on the Near Side onto South Pavement. Passenger Placed his right Hand on Top of Vehicle 1 and Slammed the Rear Nearside Door Shut with his left Hand Trapping his right Thumb in the Door. Passenger Screamed out but this was Not Heard by 4 Occupants in Vehicle which then Drove off with Passenger Still Attached. Passenger Managed to Run Along for a Couple of Feet Before Falling to the Floor  the Top of his Thumb Having Been Detached from his Hand. Thumb was Located in St Andrews Road  Worthing Where the Other Passengers Were Dropped Off. Thumb Has Since Been Surgically Reattached During a 7 Hour Operation- Casualty was Worse for Wear Through Drink at the Time

St Lawrence Avenue Worthing 60M West Of U South Farm Road Outside Side Entrance to Worthing High School

a 14Yr Old Pedestrian was Crossing the Road  South to North  from the Side Entrance of Worthing High School. There Were a Large Number of Other Children Leaving the School.   Vehicle (car)Travelling West to East Struck Pedestrian  Causing Injury. Pedestrian Had Crossed from Drivers Offside. it was a Very Sunny Afternoon with the Sun to the West.

Railway Approach Worthing At Junction Of U Oxford Road Outside Station

Postman Had Cycled down Cross Street into Railway Approach. turning with the Road as it Bleeds into Oxford Road.  Unknown Silver Estate Drives Straight on down Railway Approach  Hitting Postman and Knocking Him from his Royal Mail Bike. Must Have Been Significant Scratching to Vehicle and as Bike was Damaged.  Postman Has Fractured Elbow and Bruising in Plaster for Top of Arm to Wrist.

Marlborough Road Worthing At Junction Of U Rosebery Avenue Outside 11 Marlborough Road

Vehicle 1 (Pedal Cycle) Approached from Roseberry Avenue and Pulled out into the Middle of Marlborough Road Failing to Look to his left Thus Colliding with Vehicle 2 (van) which was Travelling Westerly Along Marlborough Road in the Direction of Clive Avenue. Vehicle 1 Impacted on the Front Offside of Vehicle 2.

Broadwater Street East Worthing At Junction Of U Forest Road Outside 2 Forest Road

V1 (car) turning right Has for Unknown Reasons Lost Control and Mounted the Pavement to the Near Side Hitting Flint Wall (No Damage to Wall) and Clipped a Pedestrian Who was Walking. Minor Damage to Car and Pedestrian Suffered Cut to Head.

Chapel Road Worthing At Junction Of U Liverpool Gardens Outside Three Fishes Public House

Pedestrian was Crossing the Road from West to East at the Junction of Liverpool Gardens.  Half Way across the Road  Vehicle 1 (car) Came Very Close and Pedestrian Lost Balance and then Fell Over.

Montague Street Worthing 30M West of U Bath Place

V1 which is an Electrically Assisted Pedal Cycle was Traveling East Along the Pedestrianised Section of Montague Street  Worthing. as Pedal Cycle was Being Riden by Owner it then Struck the Pedestrian Causing Injuries.

Whitebeam Road Worthing At Junction Of U Walnut Tree Way

Pedestrian Ran out into the Path of V1 (car) Travelling Along Whitebeam Road. Child Pedestrian Received Injury to Head  Leg and Back.

Rowlands Road Worthing At Junction Of U West Street Outside 159 Rowlands Road

V1 (car) Parked O/S Road to Allow Passenger (Wife) to Get Out.  as she Has Walked Around the Rear N/S of the Vehicle Driver Has Reversed into Wife and Caused her to Fall into the Road. Broken left Hip

Rochester Close Worthing 85M North Of U Carisbrooke Drive Outside 36

Vehicle 1 (car) Enters Rochester Close and Turn to the Right.  Fails to Come to a Stop Before Making Contact with Two Pedestrians Causing Injury to Both.

The Quassetts Worthing 50M South Of U Georgia Ave

V1 (car) Parked West Side of Rd Facing North. Driver Opened Door into Path of Passing Cyclist (V2). V1 Driver was Unable to Close Door in Time  and V2 Hit Door Falling in to Road. V1 Took Rider of V2 to School as He’d Suffered Bruising to his Knee. no Details Obtained.

A259 Mill Road Worthing At Junction Of U Downview Road

Veh 1 (car) Emerged from Side Road  Failed to Give Way to Veh 2 Travelling West. Veh 2 (motorcycle) Collided with Nearside of Veh 1.

Aldsworth Avenue Goring by Sea At Junction Of U Ashurst Drive

V1 (car) Driving Along Ashurst Drive Approaching Junction with Aldsworth Avenue. Cyclist (Pushbike) Travelling Along Aldsworth Avenue North to South. V1 Pulls out of Junction  into Path of Cyclist Who Breaks Hard to Avoid Being Hit and Goes over Handle Bars and Breaks his Arm. no Contact with Vehicle Beleived Made.

Broomfield Ave Worthing At Junction Of U Loxwood Ave

Veh 1(van) Travelling South on Loxwood Ave  Failed to Give Way at Junction with Broomfield Ave  Crossing into Loxwood Ave.  Whilst Crossing Broomfiled Ave Veh 2 (car) (With right of Way) Collided with Nearside of Veh 1.  Veh 1 then Span out of Control Mounting Pavement in Loxwood Ave  Colliding with Three Pedestrians Before a Boundary Wall of 96 Loxwood Ave.

Park Road Worthing 40M South Of C0 Lyndhurst Road Outside Worthing Hospital Car Park Exit

V2 is a Motor Cycle Travelling South on Park Road. V1 was Leaving Worthing Hospital Car and Did Not See V2. They Collided and Rider of V2 Received Deep Injury to Lower left Leg.

Melville Way Goring-By-Sea 150M East Of  Limbrick Lane Otside 30

Moped Being Riden W/B Collides with Pedestrian Causing Injury

Terringers Ave,Bellview Road

V2, Car Indicating/waiting to Turn right into Bell View Road when following V1 Car Failed to See V2 and Drove into the Rear Causing Slight Injury to both Drivers.

Tarring Road, Reigate Road

V1, M/cycle >500cc was Travelling West Along Tarring Road and over Took V3 (car) on the Approach to the Junction of Reigate Road. V2 (car) was at the Time Edging from the Junction to Get a Clear View and V1 Struck the Front of V2.

West Avene, Watersmead Gardens Westmeads Gardens

V1 (car) was Exiting from a Private Residential Address onto West Avenue, There is a Restricted View Due to a High Wall on the Driveway. as  Vehicle 1 was Exiting the Drive Vehicle 2 (Mobility Scooter) was Travelling Along the Path, the Driver of Vehicle 2 Took Evasive Action and as a Result Vehicle 2 Tipped over Causing Injuries to the Driver.

Brittany Road 30M Soth Of  Queen Street

a Longboard was Being Ridden Along Road when V1 (moped) Approached from the Rear and Started Sounding its Horn. the Skater Slowed to Allow Veh 1 o Pass as Veh 1 Pulled out he Collided with Rear of Skater Causing Rider to Fall onto Road

Rectory Gardens Worthing At Junction 5M South Of  Ardsheal Road

Vehicle 1 (car) Eastbound on Ardsheal Road Turns right into Rectory Gardens as Pedestrian is Crossing Rectory Gardens. Vehicle 1 Strikes Pedestrian.

South Street 41M South Of  Liverpool Road

Veh 1(car) and Veh 2(bus) both Stationary in South Street. Veh 2 Parked at Bus Stop and Veh 1 Pulled Away and Collided with Rear of Same.

Church Walk Worthing At Junction Of  Selden Road Otside on Junction

Veh1 (van) Travelling North on Selden Road and Overshot Junction with Church Walk. V2 (car) Travelling West on Selden Road Struck by V1 and Spun. V1 then Collided into Wall on S/W Corner of Junction.

Broadwater Street East Worthing At Junction of Forest Rd

Cyclist (V2) Heading West on Broadwater Street East Intending to Continue Around into Forest Road Heading North, when Driver of V1 (car) Failed to Give Way at Junction. V1 Pulled out into Path of Cyclist as he Expected her to Continue into Broadwater Street East Cycle Lane.

C0 Upper Brighton Road Worthing 67M East of the Templars

Pedestrian Walking West in Road, no Footpath. V1 (car) Traveling West in Rd. as V1 Passed Pedestrian its Nearside Wing Mirror Clipped the right Arm/Elbow of the Pedestrian, and Knocked Him Over.