Reduction in Bus Services

Even a small reduction in speed over just a part of the overall route, let alone over most of it, would make many bus timetables impossible to operate, and bus operators have already stated they would review their routes and withdraw bus services from most routes with 20mph limits.

Chris Chatfield, MD of Compass Travel has confirmed that if 20mph limits come in on their routes that they will look at withdrawing buses from them. 

“Most of our routes will be affected somewhere so we would have to consider withdrawing from sections that have 20mph on them.  The sections which would have 20mph are where a lot of people live, which is where the buses need to go.

These delays would make the current timetable unworkable and would result in certain parts of these routes having to be withdrawn because you cannot catch up on those extra minutes anywhere and it would mean introducing 65 or 70 minute frequency services, which nobody wants.”

Andrew Dyer, MD of Stagecoach South expressed similar concerns about the potential to slow down bus routes. 

”Stagecoach has real concerns about how 20mph speed limits might slow down bus services and potentially lead to fewer services, increased fares or both.”

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